The Cottage With The Red Door


This little two bedroom cottage was surrounded by a vegetable and herb garden.

It had a brick walkway and a white arch at the end of the walkway before the entrance to the cottage.

Ms. Ida lived alone, her husband died a few years ago and their one son lived in Vermont with his wife and their five-year-old daughter.

They would visit Ms. Ida during the holidays and Ms. Ida’s granddaughter would stay the summer.

She spent her days in the garden tending to her roses, pulling weeds and herbs.  Ms. Ida would cook with fresh herbs and the mint she planted, she would put in her tea.

Ms. Ida also had fruit trees.  She lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, she had plenty of sun and a fair amount of rain for planting and harvesting.

When Ms. Ida was not outside she was in her reading nook catching up on her Danielle Steel reading as this was her favorite author.

Ms. Ida also spent a good amount of her time in the kitchen preparing meals in the event that someone from her church came over to check on her and she would offer them a meal.

A ‘Red Door’ in Scotland means mortgage free

A ‘Red Door’ is an old American tradition meaning ‘Welcome’ 



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