5510 Mackleberry Lane

Karen V. Walker

Atlanta, GA

July 12, 2015




5 pp



5510 Mackleberry Lane


It was 5:30am when Joan woke up to fixed breakfast for her husband children this


was the weekday routine in the Lee home, Mr. Lee went off to work as a Computer


Programmer and their two children waited for the school bus with the other


neighborhood children who attended to same elementary school.  Mrs. Lee


would do housework after everyone left and before she ran her errands for the


day. There were various volunteer jobs that she would do each week.



The people on Mackleberry Lane were middle class ranging in various professions


while the women often had coffee before attending to their personal errands this


particular morning was different. The families were extremely close as there were


only ten homes on the block and each one knew where each could normally be


found the routines did not change often this spring day in early May.



Joan Lee was absent during this morning coffee session she did not mention


her schedule to the other women or to her husband. This was so random for


Joan that the other women would spend the next hour trying to figure what


happened to Joan. The ladies would disperse from their morning coffee and


chit chat with the hopes that someone might hear from Joan Lee.



As the ladies would now attend to family business, making dinner and


running errands throughout their small town, it would be their hopes


that someone heard and/or saw Joan Lee, but to no avail and now


the children would be returning from school soon and this would be


of even greater concern as the ladies knew how much Joan loved her


children and was overprotective of them just as the other mothers


the ladies would wait just a little while longer before making a judgment


call to contact Mr. Lee at work. The ladies began to think of anything


they could do to locate Joan and one of the ladies decided to start


praying as they knew this could end up real bad as they did not know


if their friend was in danger.



They began to watch the news to see if there was an accident somewhere,


they just wanted to know where she was. This was a small town with a population


of 3,000 , 1 homicide in 5 years, 10 robberies and all criminals caught and


put in jail. The ten families felt relatively safe on quite Mackleberry Lane as


the children all played and attended school together. The families would


often get together on weekends and enjoy themselves watching movies,


preparing potluck dinners and on occasion, the men would go to either


baseball or basketball game together with their boys.



It was now time for the children to get ready to load the school bus and


come home as school was exactly 7 minutes from home on Mackleberry


Lane and a decision must now be made to contact Mr. Lee since Joan had


yet to home or contact her friends. The phone kept ringing, Mr. Lee


did not answer, they left a message and waited for him to return their


call while in the meantime the children were getting off the school bus


and it was decided that they would stay at Daisy’s house until they heard


either back from Mr. Lee or Joan.


Daisy lived next door the Lee family and this way they would be able to


see any activity from the Lee home.   In the meanwhile the Lee children were


asking Daisy where their mother was at which Daisy had no answer and must


be creative with an answer quickly and Mr. Lee had not returned their call as of


yet.   Daisy told the children that their mother had to run an errand and that


she would return shortly.



An hour passed since they left a message for Mr. Lee to return their call when he


finally called and was deeply apologetic and stated that he was in a meeting.


Daisy mentioned to him that she had the children and they were fine, however, they


did not know where Joan could possibly be. Mr. Lee told Daisy that he would


see if he could get in touch with her and mentioned that Joan had not told him


that she had any appointments for the day outside of the ordinary, but he did


say again that he would try to get in touch with his wife and he would call back.


Mr. Lee was appreciative that Daisy and the other ladies were taken care of


their children.



Mr. Lee would now spend the next few hours trying to get in touch with his


wife and of course he would start by calling her cellphone and by surprise


she answered he mentioned to his wife that she had their friends worried


since she failed to answer their calls and when she did not pick the children


up from the bus stop they had become extremely concerned and decided to


contact him at work.



Mr. Lee observed the soft whisper in her voice and began to cautiously question


her as to here whereabouts, Joan began to sob and through her sobbing tried to


convey the recent events of the last couple of weeks that she kept hidden from


him that she had gone to the doctor recently since she was not feeling well and


although she would have coffee every day with the other women she kept her


secret to herself for fear of worrying their friends. The doctor performed many


test, she had extensive lab work done and the results came back that she had


an autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis that over time could be debilitating.



Joan finally told her husband that she was at Hamburg Park across town where she


spent the day praying and weeping. Having small children, she did not know how


she would keep up the family day-to-day activities. Mr. Lee finally convinced Joan


to come home where they could talk and he assuredly told her that everything


would be alright with the help of friends and family.



Mr. Lee called their friends and let them know that Joan was okay and she was


given some devastating news from the doctor and she was having an extremely


difficult time processing her recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Daisy informed


Mr. Lee that she would let the other women know that she was safe and prepare


them for Joan’s diagnosis.



Joan finally returned home and after her warm welcome from Mr. Lee and the


children she would explain to them what Multiple Sclerosis is and that there


is no known cure. She would also advise them of the medication she would have


to take and although, there was no known cure the medicine would slow down


the progression of the disease.



As a family, they would meet with the other families at Daisy’s house where she


would apologize for having them worry about her and that again she was devastated


with the doctors findings that she had this autoimmune disease called Multiple


Sclerosis. The families assured her that they would help her in any way they


could and that she was not alone. Joan knew that her friends were sincere,


however, it was just the shock of this disease since she was relatively young


and she did not know of anyone in her family with this disease.



It was back to normal now routines would continue as usual the children at


school and Mr. Lee at work. The women having coffee, however, this morning


coffee round table would be different and the discussion would capture the


important of true friendship. Joan and her friends would make a pact that


they would forever remain friends and would support each other in good times


and in bad times.


Good Friendship



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