What In Planting In Your Garden?

What Is Planting in Your Garden?


Planting a garden take strategic planning and it often time-consuming while the benefits are resilient.   Just think, you choose locally adapted varieties for your garden, remember to plant at the same time every year, you prepare the soil and water consistently while fertilizing regularly. You must mulch to help control and eliminate weeds.


After doing all of these things the benefits are astounding. You ease your stress your mood is improved while giving you mental clarity and keeping you limber. Gardening may even prevent coronary disease and colon cancer.


Now, after all of the preparation and benefits, the mulch that should eliminate and control the stress why do we allow people to bring the weeds into our garden of life after the ground of our hearts have been tilled with the Word of God?


1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


Stop allowing people; situations and circumstances grow to in your garden.



The Cottage With The Red Door


This little two bedroom cottage was surrounded by a vegetable and herb garden.

It had a brick walkway and a white arch at the end of the walkway before the entrance to the cottage.

Ms. Ida lived alone, her husband died a few years ago and their one son lived in Vermont with his wife and their five-year-old daughter.

They would visit Ms. Ida during the holidays and Ms. Ida’s granddaughter would stay the summer.

She spent her days in the garden tending to her roses, pulling weeds and herbs.  Ms. Ida would cook with fresh herbs and the mint she planted, she would put in her tea.

Ms. Ida also had fruit trees.  She lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, she had plenty of sun and a fair amount of rain for planting and harvesting.

When Ms. Ida was not outside she was in her reading nook catching up on her Danielle Steel reading as this was her favorite author.

Ms. Ida also spent a good amount of her time in the kitchen preparing meals in the event that someone from her church came over to check on her and she would offer them a meal.

A ‘Red Door’ in Scotland means mortgage free

A ‘Red Door’ is an old American tradition meaning ‘Welcome’ 


5510 Mackleberry Lane

Karen V. Walker

Atlanta, GA

July 12, 2015




5 pp



5510 Mackleberry Lane


It was 5:30am when Joan woke up to fixed breakfast for her husband children this


was the weekday routine in the Lee home, Mr. Lee went off to work as a Computer


Programmer and their two children waited for the school bus with the other


neighborhood children who attended to same elementary school.  Mrs. Lee


would do housework after everyone left and before she ran her errands for the


day. There were various volunteer jobs that she would do each week.



The people on Mackleberry Lane were middle class ranging in various professions


while the women often had coffee before attending to their personal errands this


particular morning was different. The families were extremely close as there were


only ten homes on the block and each one knew where each could normally be


found the routines did not change often this spring day in early May.



Joan Lee was absent during this morning coffee session she did not mention


her schedule to the other women or to her husband. This was so random for


Joan that the other women would spend the next hour trying to figure what


happened to Joan. The ladies would disperse from their morning coffee and


chit chat with the hopes that someone might hear from Joan Lee.



As the ladies would now attend to family business, making dinner and


running errands throughout their small town, it would be their hopes


that someone heard and/or saw Joan Lee, but to no avail and now


the children would be returning from school soon and this would be


of even greater concern as the ladies knew how much Joan loved her


children and was overprotective of them just as the other mothers


the ladies would wait just a little while longer before making a judgment


call to contact Mr. Lee at work. The ladies began to think of anything


they could do to locate Joan and one of the ladies decided to start


praying as they knew this could end up real bad as they did not know


if their friend was in danger.



They began to watch the news to see if there was an accident somewhere,


they just wanted to know where she was. This was a small town with a population


of 3,000 , 1 homicide in 5 years, 10 robberies and all criminals caught and


put in jail. The ten families felt relatively safe on quite Mackleberry Lane as


the children all played and attended school together. The families would


often get together on weekends and enjoy themselves watching movies,


preparing potluck dinners and on occasion, the men would go to either


baseball or basketball game together with their boys.



It was now time for the children to get ready to load the school bus and


come home as school was exactly 7 minutes from home on Mackleberry


Lane and a decision must now be made to contact Mr. Lee since Joan had


yet to home or contact her friends. The phone kept ringing, Mr. Lee


did not answer, they left a message and waited for him to return their


call while in the meantime the children were getting off the school bus


and it was decided that they would stay at Daisy’s house until they heard


either back from Mr. Lee or Joan.


Daisy lived next door the Lee family and this way they would be able to


see any activity from the Lee home.   In the meanwhile the Lee children were


asking Daisy where their mother was at which Daisy had no answer and must


be creative with an answer quickly and Mr. Lee had not returned their call as of


yet.   Daisy told the children that their mother had to run an errand and that


she would return shortly.



An hour passed since they left a message for Mr. Lee to return their call when he


finally called and was deeply apologetic and stated that he was in a meeting.


Daisy mentioned to him that she had the children and they were fine, however, they


did not know where Joan could possibly be. Mr. Lee told Daisy that he would


see if he could get in touch with her and mentioned that Joan had not told him


that she had any appointments for the day outside of the ordinary, but he did


say again that he would try to get in touch with his wife and he would call back.


Mr. Lee was appreciative that Daisy and the other ladies were taken care of


their children.



Mr. Lee would now spend the next few hours trying to get in touch with his


wife and of course he would start by calling her cellphone and by surprise


she answered he mentioned to his wife that she had their friends worried


since she failed to answer their calls and when she did not pick the children


up from the bus stop they had become extremely concerned and decided to


contact him at work.



Mr. Lee observed the soft whisper in her voice and began to cautiously question


her as to here whereabouts, Joan began to sob and through her sobbing tried to


convey the recent events of the last couple of weeks that she kept hidden from


him that she had gone to the doctor recently since she was not feeling well and


although she would have coffee every day with the other women she kept her


secret to herself for fear of worrying their friends. The doctor performed many


test, she had extensive lab work done and the results came back that she had


an autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis that over time could be debilitating.



Joan finally told her husband that she was at Hamburg Park across town where she


spent the day praying and weeping. Having small children, she did not know how


she would keep up the family day-to-day activities. Mr. Lee finally convinced Joan


to come home where they could talk and he assuredly told her that everything


would be alright with the help of friends and family.



Mr. Lee called their friends and let them know that Joan was okay and she was


given some devastating news from the doctor and she was having an extremely


difficult time processing her recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Daisy informed


Mr. Lee that she would let the other women know that she was safe and prepare


them for Joan’s diagnosis.



Joan finally returned home and after her warm welcome from Mr. Lee and the


children she would explain to them what Multiple Sclerosis is and that there


is no known cure. She would also advise them of the medication she would have


to take and although, there was no known cure the medicine would slow down


the progression of the disease.



As a family, they would meet with the other families at Daisy’s house where she


would apologize for having them worry about her and that again she was devastated


with the doctors findings that she had this autoimmune disease called Multiple


Sclerosis. The families assured her that they would help her in any way they


could and that she was not alone. Joan knew that her friends were sincere,


however, it was just the shock of this disease since she was relatively young


and she did not know of anyone in her family with this disease.



It was back to normal now routines would continue as usual the children at


school and Mr. Lee at work. The women having coffee, however, this morning


coffee round table would be different and the discussion would capture the


important of true friendship. Joan and her friends would make a pact that


they would forever remain friends and would support each other in good times


and in bad times.


Good Friendship


The Gift



Atlanta, Georgia 30328




Brooke Lynn, a native New Yorker who had aspirations of


becoming a gifted writer since high school. She was constantly


writing in a notebook that she kept with her at all times. Brooke


Lynn could write virtually about anything that her eyes fell


upon. She was the most interesting among her peers as they


would always ask each other, ‘what is she always writing





Brooke Lynn attended Fordham University in the Bronx,


New York after she graduated high school and it was there


that she would study Arts and Culture. She was constantly


entering writing competitions as a means of paying for college.


She would also attend writing groups throughout the city as


a way of networking which would, later on, be extremely


valuable to boost her career as a writer. Brooke Lynn enjoyed


meeting other writers as she would learn the different genres


of writing especially since her focus was mainly fiction.


She was an only child and both her parents were


professionals who travelled often for their jobs.


It was Brooke Lynn’s lack of sibling interaction


that she felt solace writing and put her on a quest


to pursue writing as a career. Brooke Lynn would


often write about she felt being an only child and


she would get creative using images, nature and


various situations and circumstances. Brooke Lynn


was so brilliant and creative that she could write


a story using a color that could keep the reader


amazed and wanting to continue reading.



Brooke Lynn had little time for a social life. It


would be her writing groups and people from her


class that would invite her to go out after school


or after a writing forum for drinks and fun.  Her peers


were very energetic and fun to be around and this would


allow Brooke Lynn to take them up on their offer and


socialize after school and any writing forum they attended.





Life began to change for Brooke Lynn as she continued


socializing with her peers after school and writing forums.


Her writing network was beginning to increase as she


was building her writing portfolio and submitting essays


for monetary gain and travel to literary conferences. She


was enjoying her life as it was, she would soon be graduating


from college and the sky seemed to be the limit, however,


there was still a void and Brooke Lynn was soon to close


that void in her life







Brooke Lynn graduated in the spring with a BA


in English Literature from Fordham University.


Her parents and her friends were all in attendance


and after the ceremony, they went out for a celebratory


meal and there they laughed as they shared their


most memorable moments in school and outside of


school. However, there was one secret that Brooke


Lynn did not share with her friend group and as she


was about to give up her secret in comes and handsome


young man named Craig.


As Craig came over to the table where they were


seated he bent down and placed a kiss on Brooke


Lynn’s cheek and her friend group were all aghast.


Craig was tall, his complexion was flawless and his


skin tone was like a honeycomb and when he said


good afternoon to everyone his voice was a deep


baritone.  Brooke Lynn introduced him to everyone


and as to sat down next to her they all had questions


for both of them and Brooke Lynn mentioned that


she met him at an open microphone night at a café’ in


Lower Manhattan where she read a poem.



They went out after that event for cocktails and small


talk which eventually lead to them seeing more of each


other. Craig was an investment banker and worked on


Wall Street, he would go to Lower Manhattan after work


to relax and enjoy open microphone night and have a


drink and this one particular night he says was a lucky


night when he met Brooke Lynn. Craig says that he


liked Brooke Lynn’s creativity with works, but more


importantly she was very mature and intelligent.



Brooke Lynn and Craig would frequent various


plays and musicals in the theater district. They


both enjoyed the creative arts and on the weekends


if their schedules were free the would visit the


museums. Brooke Lynn felt comfortable with Craig


as they had the same passion for the arts and therefore,


it was their conversation topic and Brooke Lynn was


able to shield her vulnerability since she spent so much


time alone and only engrossed in her writing.



As time passed, Brooke Lynn would start travelling


to various parts of the country attending writing expos


and conferences, however, she would begin to miss


Craig and he would equally miss her. They would


skype every evening and she would tell him all


the exciting things happening in the conferences and


how she was networking and getting offers for speaking


engagements. This is the life Brooke Lynn dreamed


of, however, she wanted someone to share it with.



Brooke Lynn was due to return home after her


two weeks away from Craig and as he met her at the


airport they would find that they had much to share


with each other, personally and professionally. He


bought Brooke Lynn home and as she settled in they


shared a bottle of wine Craig brought up to her brown-


stone that she brought after graduating college.



After Brooke Lynn got settled in, checking her phone


messages and mail that they decided to go for dinner.


It was at dinner that they established their relationship,


goals and aspirations. Craig knew that Brooke Lynn


had a valuable gift in writing, one that she truly enjoyed


and he vowed to support her in The Gift she humbly











Has one ever stopped to think what exactly is a waterfall? Besides water rushing downward, what is the significance of a waterfall?

Waterfall a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a steep incline.

According to National Geographic Society, a waterfall is a river or other body of water’s steep fall over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below….Often, waterfalls form as streams flow from soft rock to hard rock.

On a personal note, I see a waterfall as the handiwork of God’s awesome creation – who, but God could have created such beauty for our eyes to behold.,